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Marble Charlotte

Marble & Quartzite

[Natural Stone]

Marble is known for its classic and timeless beauty. This natural stone has soft distinct veining and unique color variations and is often used for kitchen and bathroom countertops, backsplashes, and showers.


Quartzite can mimic the look of marble. Its gorgeous veining and bold patterns will add an unmatched elegance to any room. Quartzite countertops offer strength, beauty, and overall durability.


Visit our new Design Center in Ballantyne and let us help you decide which stone is best for your project.

In-Stock & Special Order Marble & Quartzite

We offer a huge selection of in-stock and special-order marble and quartzite slabs and remnants.
The products shown below represent some of the most popular colors. 


At our showroom and slab yard, you have the opportunity to view samples of Marble and Quartzite countertop materials. However, we highly suggest that once a material is chosen, you visit our suppliers to select the individual slabs to be used for your project as distinct colors and wave patterns will differ between each and every one. This will guarantee that you get the exact look and feel you desire for your project.


Marble is a type of rock formed from limestone that undergoes metamorphosis due to heat, pressure, and aqueous solutions, resulting in a crystalline texture. It is commonly used for sculptures and building materials (like marble countertops) due to its durability and aesthetic appeal.


Quartzite falls into the classification of a metamorphic rock. Its original material, sandstone in this case, has been altered by pressure and heat that transforms it into quartzite. Buried deep inside the earth the sandstone adapts to the change in conditions by altering its texture and composition. Sandstone recrystallizes, fusing itself together and becoming a strong, granular rock formation, making quartzite countertops an excellent durable choice for your home.

Natural Stone Distributors

We are proud to partner with the following Slab Distributors. 
When you visit these businesses, please tell them you are working with Universal Stone.

AGM Granite Countertop in Charlotte, NC
ACE Granite Countertop in Charlotte, NC
Cosentino Granite Countertop in Charlotte, NC
Cosmos Granite Countertop in Charlotte, NC
Daltile Granite Countertop in Charlotte, NC
MSI Granite Countertop in Charlotte, NC
Easy Stones Granite Countertop in Charlotte, NC
Ohm Granite Countertop in Charlotte, NC
Granite Countertop in Charlotte, NC
Granite in Charlotte, NC
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